This first trip to your home country: leave a mark

As you know, the K&Co agency wants to be global; it’s already represented in London and Toronto. But what’s new? Its founder also wishes to expand in Congo, his home country. For his first return to the motherland, Mr Distinction wanted to give you his valuable pieces of advice for a good adaptation during your stay as well as an efficient insertion into the business world. Below are some essential weapons that will help you to leave a positive mark after your passage and to keep sincere relationships even after you left. We’re handing over to him…

  1. An exemplary simplicity: mbote na bino, welcome home!

Going to his home country for the first time is always an ordeal, between apprehensions, fears and excitements, we hope that everything will go smoothly. You have to be ready and get the right mind-set to make your first meeting with the motherland a success. Congo is beautiful, Congo is full of talents, and business opportunities are plentiful, but before you get a spot, you must remain humble and always keep the right attitude.

When I arrived, I was dressed in a simple outfit without any ostentatious accessories and went over to Customs for the routine checks. This relaxed and smiling attitude seemed to please the policeman who did not refrain from exchanging a few jokes while checking my documents. This was the first step and I must say, I am delighted that it happened without pitfalls. Whether it is at the airport when you arrive or throughout your stay, do not try to draw attention to you, stay as simple as possible and above all cooperate in any circumstances.

  1. A positive attitude: be supportive with your peers

a. The right mind-set

Housed in the heart of the capital in the renowned Sultani Hotel and Lodges, I came to Congo for a very specific purpose: to do business, especially to meet my local customers and attend the 3rd edition of the Sultani Makutano, a major event piloted and thought by the talented Nicole Sulu. This conference brings together local and diaspora economic players who have understood the business potential of Congo and wish to invest in it. This was a great opportunity for me to broaden my professional network and multiply business opportunities. Being well aware that the stakes were high, I was not afraid of it. It is important to equip yourself with the best tools to stay in optimal conditions: maintain a high level of self-confidence and a positive state of mind at all times. We all know that positivity attracts positivity, and keeping this in mind is already a first step towards your success. Exchange with your peers, discover them, unveil yourself somewhat and you will see that everything will go very well. And once again, do not forget, you are at home.

b. Courtesy: one of the gentleman’s fatal weapons

It was not long before I had to get to know the whole team of the hotel, which, it should be noted, provided a first class service with a 24-hour availability to make my stay unforgettable. But this distinction should not go in one direction only, as a perfect gentleman, it should be natural for you to reciprocate. Accessible, smiling, do not forget to put yourself in the shoes of service agents, even if their job is to tidy up your room, to facilitate their task is also a form of distinction that can only be appreciated. This may seem obvious to some, but do not forget to thank and congratulate them either. Leaving positive feedback to the Management team will always be appreciated and could help you build relationships that in the future may prove to be beneficial. These attentions may be minimal, but believe me; they are worth their weight in gold to them.

  1. Your contribution: giving back

Whatever the economic situation in your home country, it is always important to think about what your contribution might be and how to give back to your fellows what you have been lucky enough to receive. Whatever it may be, this particular attention has to mark the minds; it doesn’t have to be financial but must come from the heart, and should always create a positive value that perpetuates in time.

If you lack inspiration (or finances), rest assured, the ideas are numerous: donations to associations, gifts for the family, provision of theoretical and practical courses related to your skills, participation and / or contribution to the realization of an on-site project, and so on. I personally contributed in different ways during my trip but since we are talking about distinction, I will conclude this chapter by giving you one of my contributions to a friend I met during my stay: my private driver. When you spend quite some time together in the same car, you exchange, you confide, and it gets easier to have an idea of ​​the intentions of the person you have in front of you. This driver was a man, a husband and a responsible worker who, as the discussions went on, gave me a glimpse of his many previously unrevealed skills. All he needed was one thing: to offer them to a new employer. So that was it! My mission was to do my best to help him accomplish this project. Quite naturally, I reached out to my professional network to find an opportunity for him in a large global company, this is in progress and I am sure that this opportunity will come through for him. My greetings to you Katya!


Everywhere you go there will always be a place for you. A place that must be filled sincerely and passionately.

Returning to the source is a necessary passage to become the true individual we aspire to be. This embrace with our country of origin, the discovery of our history can be the trigger, the opening way to this quest for distinction, both as an individual and as a businessman. This trip requires optimal preparation; it requires the respect of essential codes of conduct for it to go smoothly. Humility, sharing, support and love for your fellow men and women will be your best assets, and your final contribution will remain your postcard. Have a safe flight!

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