1st date #1: Ride it gentlemen!

You all remember my previous posts where I modestly shared the use of good manners in all circumstances: by focusing on self-image and style. I can assure you gentlemen that you will have enough tools and resources to succeed when she doesn’t shy away from challenging you. For many years, the “date” has been on the rise and is becoming more common. As a matter of fact, companies, magazines and other media outlets overflow with ideas to bring you the miraculous solution. The term “dating” is in reference to the action of meeting a suitor face to face for a few hours. However, here in Toronto it can be a matter of a few months of meetings before determining whether this person can be seen again in the future. With dating we have also witnessed the rise of “speed dating” which is the same idea as dating, however potential suitors meet one after the other at the same location in a very short periods of time. Gentlemen, here, I share with you some tips to be a “distinguished” man in the world of dating.

What if she is the one ?

Nowadays, many platforms exist to find a suitor. Some people will turn to social media such as Instagram to make a selection solely based on pictures (its founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom thought to have been well inspired), others would prefer to use one of the many dating sites and platforms for a first introduction but beware of fake profiles! Finally, some will opt for face to face meetings more commonly referred to as “speed dating”. Today, the first encounter is well too often initiated through social media, it is enough to live in Toronto to notice it. One study revealed that more than one third of Americans met their soulmates via InternetOn the contrary, Mr. Distinction, is this patient, unpredictable, inquisitive man, and above all remains himself. To avoid disappointing many entrepreneurs of seduction, he does not participate in speed dating or the search via social media. Now, let’s talk about the moment we meet our suitor.

This is where it all begins. Who has never felt time stop when you see her for the first time at a get together, a theatre, a lounge or even a gala. Yes, Mr. Distinction knows exactly where he likes to make his appearances: He likes to go to places where he can contribute, have a positive impact and defend his values. Needless to say, the benefit of our suitor attending places that are familiar to us is to make it a topic of conversation. This suitor … has a presence that paralyzes us, the smile that leaves us astray, and the gestures of a real woman of this world. She proves to be a real source of inspiration. Don’t panic gentlemen, remain calm and be patient. What to do in this situation? Manage to crack a smile and confidently walk up to her? Or do you keep your self-control and wait for the right time to introduce yourself? A gentleman who respects himself will not forget to use good manners. He will always wait for the appropriate time to approach her and under no circumstances will he disrupt her if she is in the middle of a good time with her friends. And yes, as you may have noticed, she is having an amazing time with her loved ones and the rule of good conduct requires that she should not be bothered under any circumstances. What about doing the same thing with your friends in the meantime? You are there to spend a good time after all, aren’t you?

Do not forget that one of the bases in social relations remains communication; a woman knows exactly how to let you know if she likes you, and, if I may add, will do it with class and subtly. In the best case scenario gentlemen, you exchanged your contact information after a short 5 -10 minute discussion on the economic situation of a country, or even on your future projects to invest within your community. Afterwards, you would have withdrawn yourself to allow her to go back to her circle. Although she would like to continue speaking with you, sorry to break it to you, but you were not part of her plans. First stage now complete, though, gentlemen, no time to rejoice, you need to start thinking on how you will introduce her to your entourage. She must only be introduced as your friend. As courtesy, you will ask her for her feedback on the evening of the night before using the contact information she has left you with.

So, will you ask her out on a first date?

Stay tuned for the next episode …


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