1st date #2: The big day!

So, will you ask her out on a first date?

This is the long awaited moment, the one where you are going to ask her out on a first date; most certainly in a different atmosphere than that of the gala or even that of the after-work mingle. What has happened since your first encounter after you parted? In your opinion, how long has it been? A week, two, a month? The rule requires us to wait for the right time. MR DISTINCTION is patient and does not skip steps. Careful not to drag it for too long, she might start wondering what your intentions are. Being apart will bring out the charm of the small but meaningful exchanges whether it be through social media, texts or phone conversations, all to be used to uncover the one who may become part of your life, who knows. In order to have all her attention, you will have to hold off from revealing too much of yourself. Let’s be clear, you will not hesitate to answer her questions if she takes the initiative to ask them, a distinguished man must ultimately be honest. “What are your projects, your ambitions, your values, your expectations?” Your list of questions can be long. In other words “what does she like, who was she, who has she become, and what does she need to become a woman of this world who will be a source of inspiration for the future generation?”: as a reminder, “ a real gentleman cares more about others than he does about himself”. For your greatest happiness, a sincere friendship will be established between you and her during this period which can seem long but is also short at the same time. After all, you are getting closer and closer before the long awaited first date. She feels understood, respected for her daily accomplishments and encouraged to become someone even better. These are rules that a woman needs to make her relationship work in the long run, whether platonic or romantic.

Here is a basic principle that leaves enough time to unmask the masquerade: patience.

Gentlemen, it is in fact hard to play the game for such a long period, but be sure of the path you choose to take or clear the way for the next one. Actions speak louder than words; a man eager to seduce his suitor will show patience and discernment to make things happen as natural as possible. And here it is, D-day, the day you go for it, the day when you ask her out on a date, on face to face. The likelihood of rejection is almost nil because as you know gentlemen, a woman does not like wasting her time; she will tell you soon enough that your daily texts and your bland conversations are not / no longer to her liking. Let’s agree that these things are easy to pick up on. For this invitation, you will not use the traditional phone call or text. No, a distinguished man worthy of his name will be creative: with your most exquisite pen, a card portraying her personality in the most beautiful way will be sent to her workplace – a card carefully sealed. Upon receiving it, she will immediately contact you by the fastest means possible to accept your invitation with great pleasure and you will not hesitate to tell her how impatient you are to see her again (she will logically want to tell you about her amazement, women can be very spontaneous).

Modern dating: By MR. DISTINCTION

“MR. DISTINCTION: Your lifestyle journey to your own distinction”. Talking about “lifestyle”, where will you be taking her on your first date? You know her enough to consider each other to be friends first and foremost. It goes without saying that throughout the conversations this night would have brought, you will get to know her true likings. As a young man searching to become a true distinguished individual, you would have beforehand followed the advice shared on my previous Instagram stories. You will make the date worthy of a true man in the hopes that no wrong will be committed.

Back to this card that you would have normally sent to her workplace; on it will state the time, date, dress code and under no circumstances should the place of the meeting nor the theme of the night be revealed whether it be one restaurant or another. She will have two options to get back to you: she will either decide to meet you using her own means or she will either accept your proposition to arrange for her to get picked up from her home (I count on you to make her go with the latter). You will make sure that the taxi is comfortable, clean and lightly scented for her.  Surely, the driver would have received all your detailed instructions: including opening her door and making sure not to say a word unless courtesy requires. The driver will then kindly mention the following as part of your instructions “please fasten your seatbelt, you will find a gift in the right compartment in front of you, it is a present from Mister for you. Enjoy your ride.”

You have gotten to know her, you know what she is passionate about and what she likes to read. Knowing her book interests, you would have picked a new selection that can broaden her knowledge on one of the subject of her likings. It goes without saying that you would have looked over the book so that you both could talk about it. She will be pleased to share her passion with you as per usual.

Gentlemen, how to dress for this special occasion? It will all depend on the place you would have chosen. Many would opt for the restaurant or movie theatre while others will choose a more romantic venue based on suggestions. Let’s choose a place that will please HER first and foremost and not one that is considered to be the “it” spot. Enough time would have been given to you to know what would please her and will help you make the right choice. Nevertheless, as a piece of advice, to stay classy for the occasion without doing too much or too little, I would choose a mix and match outfit without a doubt. I would opt for a fitted checkered blazer, a white dress shirt, with casual pants or even a pair of jeans, a pouch (never without it!) and a pair of double monk shoes to make the whole look daring without it being over the top. A quick visit at our spot Massimo Dutti might be needed. With a look like this one gentlemen, no room for mistakes.

And then she comes… your eyes land on her like the very first time. Your pulse is more and more intense. Do not forget to compliment her outfit, as knowing her she will be coming as radiant as ever. She will be safe and you will be nothing but available to her. When I say “available “you hear me well gentlemen, your phone and any other distractions will be out of sight. It is your rendez-vous, she is only here for you and you for her. She will be your voice, and you her ears. The first thing that she will utter upon seeing you is “Thank you” because she would have liked your gift. You will answer that you are content that this modest gift pleases her knowing that it is the first one of many to come. After hours of discussion, with the same intensity you had while apart, you will realize that she is exactly the woman that you had envisioned her to be the first time, for whom you were patient for and now have the feeling of having known for years.

At the end, the date which sounded to be a challenge will be nothing but a simple reunion between you two.

Do not forget to make sure she is home safe gentlemen. Take an Uber together, walk her to her door and only leave when you have assured that the light is on and her door is locked.

As for the kiss, dear friends, forget about this you will need to be a lot more patient for that.



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